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1000 ₼

Əlaqə Məlumatları
Şəhər Bakı
Yaş 30 - 60 yaş
Təhsil Orta
İş təcrübəsi 5 ildən artıq
Əlaqədar şəxs Nigar Salayeva
Telefon (012) 497-11-39
E-mail n.salayeva@pdlworld.com
Elanın tarixi 05-07-2021
Bitmə tarixi 05-08-2021
İş barədə məlumat

- Operating commercial vehicles up to and over 7.5 tonnes, including rigid trucks, articulated lorries, tankers, transporters and trailer wagons
- Driving long or short distances
- Operates equipment safely and efficiently to limit downtime and minimize costs
- Planning delivery schedules and routes with transport managers
- Supervising or helping to load and unload goods
- Lifting and carrying goods
- Making sure loads are safely secured
- Following traffic reports and adapting routes if necessary
- Completing delivery paperwork
- Keeping up-to-date logbooks
-Carrying out basic routine maintenance, such as oil, tyre and brake checks
- Working from a vehicle and driving long distances in a cramped space
- Spending nights away from home during long haul deliveries
- Supervising loading of goods onto truck
- Checking condition of goods and preparing transport documents
- Planning transport operations (route, delivery schedule)
- Checking the vehicle is in good, safe working order before setting off
- Transporting goods to their final destination
- Checking fuel and oil levels, oil filters and tyres
- Supervising unloading and delivery operations
- Keep the vehicle clean & in good condition, check the vehicle on daily basis
- Report on weekly bases to Coordinator on vehicles km and condition
- Record km daily and report any defects immediately to Coordinator
- Report any problem that may occur at the site, with the vehicle etc. to your coordinator within an hour
- Any other duties which may be reasonably required by Operator / Coordinator

1. Only resumes with photos will be considered
2. Please, indicate “HCV Driver” in the subject line of your mails

Namizədə tələblər

- Minimum 7 years’ experience driving vehicles of HGV category
- Knowing the technical specifics of vehicles
- Valid driving License of C and E categories
- Good medical condition
- Good eye-sight
- Good safety attitude operator, accurate driver
- Customer service and administration skills
- Be thorough and pay attention to details
- Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
- Able to accept criticism and work well under pressure
- Able to operate and control equipment
- Ability to drive safely
- High level of concentration and rapid reflexes
- Strong sense of orientation
- Problem-solving skills (i.e. dealing with accidents and unforeseen issues)
- Organizational and time-management skills
- Patience and resistance to stress
- Flexibility